Hummingbird Wrap in Cochinilla/Kakaw Designs/Collectivitea

                                                                                            Kakaw Designs

Scarf, wrap and stole season is finally here in our corner of California and I couldn’t be happier! My fall uniform is usually a light sweater, jeans and a colorful scarf that I can switch out for a fresh look everyday. So I want to share with you some of the awesome scarves and wraps we have right here at the Collectivitea marketplace from sellers based around the world, Australia to Guatemala, via India! Why should you shop here? Well, we are small businesses, solopreneurs, travelers, weavers, makers and more, and many of our stores work with artisans directly. Secondly, by shopping here, you help me set a portion of the Collectivitea marketplace commission towards supporting girls education programs. But equally importantly, you bring home a gorgeous treasure. I have shopped with many of the sellers at the marketplace, bought birthday and anniversary gifts as well as bought something for myself and I can tell you this- I’ve been thrilled to receive these beautiful packages from around the world and know that I am supporting creative and social enterprise. So, whether you are buying something for yourself, getting your holiday shopping done or more, visit the Collectivitea marketplace! Now, for some gorgeous cotton, silk and wool scarfs, starting here! Plus if you are looking for stoles or dupattas, may I suggest checking out Indigo and Rust?  Thank you and have a fabulous day! – Priya

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