An Artist And Collector’s Dream Home In Bangalore, India (Part 1)

Art, Interiors / Monday, November 14th, 2016

The dream home tour that I am sharing today belongs to a consummate collector and artist. It celebrates traditional Indian arts and crafts, and it evokes in me a nostalgia for my childhood, and for the houses of southern India. Gracious. Warm. Compelling. Exquisitely layered. The sheen of dark wood, and the gleam of gold and bronze. It’s as much about the style as it is a celebration of a way of life. It’s called ‘Temple Bells’. What an intriguing name! The style in which you keep your home  changes with the different stages of your life, and sometimes, with what you consider fashionable. For some, it becomes a canvas on which they experiment with their creativity. For many, there comes a time when the home carries their essence and showcases their very distinct style.

Shalu's Dream Home/Collectivitea

Welcome to Temple Bells, the Bangalore home of Shalu Prasad! This is what she has to say about her home, “Temple Bells is my home studio. It’s quintessentially a traditional Indian home. Basically, I love everything Indian, and with such rich cultural heritage, there is little doubt that my home showcases Indian culture, colour, textiles and artifacts. My home took years to evolve and keeps evolving because creativity is an ongoing process with no full stop. I am a décor enthusiast, a self-taught artist and an antique lover. I am  a DIY addict and yes, a trained artist in Tanjore painting too. Most of the paintings displayed are my work.” – Shalu

Shalu's Dream Home/CollectiviteaApart from the appeal of dark wood tones, the graceful forms of sculptures and dull shine of the metal- a trio that many of us can’t ever resist- it’s the exquisite layering that I really love!  I am splitting the post into 2 parts to do justice to the home. Enjoy Part 1 of Shalu’s home- the entryway (above), below, the living room with detailed views.
Shalu's Dream Home/Collectivitea

 Corner of the living room
Shalu's Dream Home/CollectiviteaShalu's Dream Home/Collectivitea

 Other part of the living room

Shalu's Dream Home/Collectivitea Corner of the living room

We now come to a view of the living room (below) that to me epitomizes the best of Shalu’s style-  a hint of the contemporary meets the traditional, and they live happily ever after. If ever there was a room that asked for cups of chai and tête-à-têtes or watching a cricket match on lazy weekend afternoons,  it’s this one! Thanks for sharing, Shalu!  Stay tuned for part 2!  Update: Part 2 is here; Part 3 can be found here

Shalu's Dream Home/Collectivitea


Image courtesy/ credits: Shalu Prasad

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