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Pooja Kaul/ Border & Fall/ Collectivitea

It’s another edition of Textile Tuesday and today’s post is about Border and Fall, an independent website chronicling the happenings in India’s craft and fashion community. Among other things, they feature interviews with style mavens and thought leaders, as well as providing a platform for an ongoing conversation on Indian style and culture. They are a site for fascinating stories, as well as an excellent reference resource. Recently, they launched a crowdfunding venture to create short films featuring 84 how-to’s on draping a sari in different styles. This fantastic project collaborates with three prominent filmmakers – Bon Duke (NY based), Pooja Kaul and Q (Qaushiq Mukherjee) – each of whom will create a film on the sari’s cultural and other importance.  

The Sari/ Border & Fall/ Collectivitea

Apart from the obvious cultural and historical significance of this project for us as a population,  from a personal standpoint, it is of immense value to me. The only Indian attire I wear is the sari. It’s a timeless classic and I wear it often. I’ve made it part of my signature style statement.  Sure, most people know that there is more than 1 way to drape it, but did you know there were so many? And that no anthology exists on film nor is there a comprehensive how-to on draping different styles? From what I understand, it will trace an evolution of sorts, and document both traditional and contemporary styles, the different iterations of one garment and it’s relevance to current and future generations. There is no bigger privilege and responsibility than to be both the custodians, and creators of history. The sari is both a regional and global icon, let’s give it the support it deserves! You can read more about their Kickstarter campaign to raise money to make these films and provide an invaluable resource for all of us, here.


The Sari team includes Border and Fall founder Malika V. Kashyap (pictured above), Rta Kapur Chisti (seen below), a leading authority on the sari and a textile scholar, writer and director, Pooja Kaul and filmmakers Bon Duke and Q (Qaushiq Mukherjee).

Rta Kapur Chisti/Border & Fall

You can visit Border and Fall here and show your support to their Kickstarter campaign. Pledge ( I just did!) , spread the word and let’s make this happen! Plus, the Kickstarter rewards are an incentive by themselves!- Priya

q-still-the-sari/ Border&Fall

Images courtesy of Border & Fall. Credits: 1) Pooja Kaul, a still from her film Rasikan Re; 2) The Sari campaign image by Manuja Singh Waldia; 3) and 4) Courtesy of Border&Fall and 5) A Still from The Sari by Q.


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