Dream Patio /Shalu's Home/CollectiviteaIn case you’ve been waiting for the last in the series of photos of Shalu Prasad’s home tour (parts 1 and 2), I am back to share her dream patio space with you. I was looking for this John Updike quote, hence the delay. It goes like this ““What art offers is space – a certain breathing room for the spirit.” – John Updike. That’s what this enclosed patio space reminded me of- “a breathing room for the spirit”. For quiet contemplation in solitude, and for spending time with company. What a lovely refuge! I am sure the changing light (see the differences in the two pictures!) can provide hours of inspiration. Add to that, the various lamps, well, let’s just say it is a beautiful space!  Please follow Shalu at her Instagram account here. Have a wonderful day! – PriyaDream Patio /Shalu's Home/CollectiviteaImages courtesy of Shalu Prasad

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  3. tarangmay11

    Beautiful! home. It filled me with nostalgia to the point I could sense the aromas wafting through it. Thank you for evoking wonderful memories.