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I know a lot of us love to travel. What if we were able to make it our way of life? Imagine living in one beautiful part of the globe after another! Maybe you stayed there for a few weeks or months, and then moved on to another location, depending on your commitments.

The beauty of the internet is we can learn so much more from each others’ experiences and today, I want to share with you the story of Sarah of  Faerymother, a brand that offers treasures from around the world. These treasures have been sourced during Sarah’s travels, and range from the most beautiful jewelry to vintage textiles. Boho beauty at it’s best! Looking from the outside, it’s easy to imagine stopping by one place and finding gorgeous things to share and sell, and then onto the next- a wanderlust dream that many of us carry. But what is it really like?  Would it live up to our expectations? Is it economically viable? What about raising a family? I asked Sarah to share her story…


CTEA: How did you get started on your travels?

FM: “Travelers, tinkerers, nomads, gypsies -such terms for the ones of unfixed addresses evokes in most people a raggedy romanticism! But I believe full-time travel is such an overlooked lifestyle, one that can be economically viable, intrinsically educational and mind /heart expanding.”


“Before we considered traveling full time, we were still frequent movers, and slowly wound our way down the East coast of Australia, until settling for 3 years in a spiritual community and organic farm in the isolated snowy mountains of Victoria. Over  3 fantastic years in that community, all my homesteading, wild crafting, organic gardening and farming dreams were fulfilled!  With little more for us to experience in the way of keeping house, we permanently took to the road.”


CTEA: How did Faerymother get started?

FM: “My shop Faerymother was seeded a long ago with my little prayer flag business from which I screen-printed my designs upon colored cotton and sewed on the kitchen table, most often with a baby on my back. I had opened an Etsy shop to offer my creations, and expanded it with my personal collection of vintage clothes and house wears in our attempts to sell everything we owned and hit the road. This I suppose is the origin of my business and a major blessing that has contributed and enriched our family adventures.”


“These days, Faerymother is full of the amazing things that I find during my travels. It’s a colorful treasure chest with items from all over the world. From the markets of Barcelona, garage sales of Australia, dusty curio shops of Nepal and Villages of Rajasthan, Faerymother is a place for the beautiful old things of the world.”


“Where are we headed? I try to keep my projections into the future, and ideas of what Faerymother may become or how I might expand, in check.  The very beauty of this lifestyle and the pay off for not having a permanent lived in home with all it’s comforts is that we can move with the wind, change direction with ease, take the trip so to say, and jump when things present themselves. I do have projects bubbling underfoot- a website in process offering very different items to what I have collected for Faerymother, and the seeds of starting my own consultancy and service as a buyer and go between for shops, designers and individuals looking to do without the harsh task of finding good quality products and honest suppliers to work with in the East. We have plane tickets booked well into next year. My daughter has up coming music courses in Australia, my husband has art exhibitions in Europe, and I have photo shoots to organize and beautiful things to find where ever we go.”-Faerymother/Collectivitea

CTEA: What advice would you give someone who is starting out as a traveler+ entrepreneur?

FM: “Traveling is an art. It’s the ability to be fluid and intuitive, brave and clever; it’s deeply character-building and has a transformative quality.  You ask the world to shape you, to teach you, to make you, and then you develop in response. Traveling is full enough by itself, so if you are adding a business or taking with you a family, then my advice is to go slow, be gentle and put joy and well-being above success.”

Faerymother/CollectiviteaCTEA: What is your favorite part about running Faerymother?

FM:  “Yesterday, a friend of mine was talking about some of his observations of tourists  “’s like they are walking through a story book, but not part of the story…” For me, having Faerymother get’s me into the story. I become part of the lives of people and they become part of mine. Some of my suppliers are the most wonderful folk. I know their dreams, drink tea with their families and chat about everything from politics and religion to the history of trade routes and the finer details of gem stone classification. Practically speaking, having this business has meant full time travel is possible which has also meant that I can be with my children, helping them gain a unique and expansive education pulled from the experiences and opportunities of our nomadic life.”- Sarah

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us, Sarah! You can visit Sarah at her store here. – Priya

All images are courtesy of Faerymother.

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