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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: For The Lover Of Textiles


HolidaY Gift Guide/CollectiviteaHello (late) Tuesday! I had some internet connection issues which is why this post is going up now.  We are on to the next edition of our holiday gift guides. Yesterday, I suggested gift ideas for the creatives in your life and today, I want to talk about what to get someone who loves textiles. If words like shyrdak,  kilim, Otomi embroidery, kantha work, tussar silks, zardosi, suzani, crewel work etc. make your gift recipient’s world go around, then this list is for you. I am besotted with textiles, with obsessed with photographing them,  and so I wrote this list with someone like me in mind. (Ahem, relatives and friends, please take note!) That said, I think anyone that works with textiles or is interested in them will love these gift ideas (printers, quilters, embroiderers, etc.) and added bonus, these gifts are great for any special occasion.

  1. Museum Visits, Tickets To Exhibitions And Museum Gift Shops:  The best gifts pluck you out of the everyday, and put you in the middle of something grand. They fire your imagination and fuel your creativity.  Depending upon your budget and where you live, consider giving the gift of a membership to your local museum or tickets to an exhibit. For example, a membership to the NY Metropolitan Museum Of Art is always a good idea but doubly so for an art + textile geek when you take a look at their current exhibitions! Or the George Washington University Museum’s Textile Museum with it’s regionally organized collection. The Victoria And Albert In London currently has an exhibit called Opus Anglicanum featuring medieval English embroidery and visiting it would definitely be awesome! Tickets to the exhibit would be lovely, thank you very much! That’s just 3 museums out of so many- what I want to suggest is that you look up the museum that you are interested in and give your giftee an experience they will cherish- a membership also means it’s a gift that works more than once. Don’t forget to check out the museum gift shops (in person or online) for gifts as well. Again, the V&A online shop  has a book about their Opus Anglicanum exhibit that I am currently coveting (it’s on Amazon too.)5 Books About Textiles For Textile Lovers/Collectivitea
  2. Books are a wonderful gift, and if you are looking for books on textiles, books on how to decorate with textiles, books on Indian textiles, just click on the links for the suggestions. Also, browse Chronicle Books’ collection of books and textile inspired stationery.Textile Traditions of India
  3. My next suggestion would be to give the gift of a gorgeous, handwoven or embroidered or hand printed textile.  Again, depending on your budget, you can pick anything from a scarf to a large, vintage or contemporary suzani!

If you have any suggestions, let me know and I will add it to the list. Have a wonderful day and stay tuned for more of these gift guides!- Priya


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