Holiday Table Decor/CollectiviteaI want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! May your table have an abundance of joy, love, friendship, and delicious food! If you are looking for last minute ideas for your Thanksgiving or holiday table decor or really, for any party- I want to suggest pairing pinks with classic blue and white. You can add a lot more of pink to make it vibrant and feminine; more blue and white can give it a traditional, formal feel. When you combine them, they serve to bring color inside, which is especially nice in the gray, cold months. This pairing is not a traditional, holiday color pairing, but allows you to mix+ match for a table that is uniquely yours.

Holiday Table Decor/Collectivitea

If you are not sure how to mix and match disparate prints and patterns, read my earlier post on how think of a table setting in terms of layers – the idea is that disparate colors can be tied together to make a cohesive whole.  I have a vintage tapestry from India as a table cloth (pink); blue and white plates are topped by a pink, block printed napkin. Lastly, a blue and white tea cup or a papier-mâché ornament adds a final touch of blue. Nothing is from one matched set. All the blue and whites are slightly different and don’t have anything in common except for the fact that they are blue and white. The pink and white tea set is completely different but again, because everything is within the pink, blue and white color family, they all go together. Don’t hesitate to combine different textures- I love how the smooth china contrasts with a textured, tied, knotted and sequined tapestry. It makes it just a little boho. If boho is not your style, swap the tapestry for an elegant, solid or print, pink tablecloth and feel the mood shift into the more formal.

Holiday Table Decor/Collectivitea Holiday Table Decor/Collectivitea

This year’s Thanksgiving posts can be found here 1, 2, 3. However the table looks, remember that it’s all okay- the point is to celebrate the people and the love in your life. Have a lovely holiday and I will be back here on Friday. – Priya

Image credits: Studio Collectivitea; Sources: Plates from Bombay Company; pink napkin, World Market;  vintage pink tapestry from a trip to India; blue and white tea set from Pier 1 Imports; pink rose teacups from HomeGoods.

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