Home Tour/Shalu's Dream Home/CollectiviteaThank you for the very warm response to Shalu Prasad’s Bangalore, India home! (If you missed part 1, it’s here) I totally understand the response, as it’s both a collector’s dream home, as well as a very warm space that reflects the homeowners creativity. I am happy to share the second part of the home tour and show you details of the many vignettes, and Shalu’s extensive sculpture collection. I don’t know about you, but Tanjore paintings immediately evoke in me memories of visits to old palaces- the contrast of dark wood and gold against stone walls to me represent grandeur. A richness that has everything to do with the the wealth of culture, heritage, and their celebration.

Home Tour/Shalu's Dream Home/Collectivitea
Home Tour/Shalu's Dream Home/Collectivitea Home Tour/Shalu's Dream Home/Collectivitea

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Shalu is trained in the Tanjore painting style, and also does a lot of DIY art projects, like this hand-painted, Rangoli-patterned lamp which lights up a corner of the guest room…

Home Tour/Shalu's Dream Home/Collectivitea

Home Tour/Shalu's Dream Home/Collectivitea

The corner of Shalu’s work desk (above) and some of her artwork (below)- seriously, one very talented lady!

Home Tour/Shalu's Dream Home/Collectivitea

There is one more thing I want to add- the contrast of the bright greens of the plants with the shine of the various metals is so beautiful. You see it in many contemporary settings as well- copper or brass planters with glossy green creepers or succulents – it’s a great way to bring nature into your home especially during the winter months. I am calling it the luxe green style! What’s even more awesome in the picture below is that those are three cooking vessels belonging to Shalu’s grandmother, mom & mom in law.

Home Tour/Shalu's Dream Home/Collectivitea

You can follow Shalu Prasad at her Instagram account here. Be sure to leave a comment below to let her know your thoughts! I have one more picture of the patio of this house and I want to post it separately because it’s a dreamy space with that ‘match made in heaven’ of terra cotta browns and brass. I am sorry to be such a tease, but it’s a place I can imagine starting my day in as well as retiring every evening to and it needs it’s own post :). I’ll be back with that later.  – Priya. Update: Part 3 Is Here.

Image courtesy/ credits: Shalu Prasad

This is Part 2 of this home tour. Part 1 can be found here.

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  2. Pinkz

    Such brilliant pieces of art work and antiques that evokes the soulfulness of Shalu’s home. You are truly a shining light Shalu. Thank you Priya for bringing it together. You brought out the best of her home in a complete home tour by weaving a beautiful story.

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  4. Krupa

    I loved them all, and I am imagining them (especially the Tanjore paintings & the beautiful collection of plants in brass pots (which I love the most) against a wall of clay / coral / yellow walls…they just would be exquisite…I love the rangoli on the lamp shade..thanks for sharing & continue to live the inspired life, Shalu ji…