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Ichcha and OUATT Magazine


It’s a magical time of the year, building up to the holiday festivities. It’s gotten cold, and is perfect for settling down with a hot cup of chai, and the latest OUATT digital magazine!  In this edition, we have a conversation with Rachna and Ruchika Kumar of block printing brand Ichcha. I feel that Team Ichcha, made up of sisters Rachna, Ruchika and Monika Kumar, and Ouatt/Collectivitea have grown together, and I am thankful for the company!  You may know that Ichcha offers block printed textiles for you and your home, ranging from scarves to curtains, and bed and table linens.


Their contemporary block prints take inspiration from their travels and their personal experiences. The girls have always been willing to share their journey and stories, and I feel like I’ve learnt a lot from them. Dedication to the craft and the artisans working on it. Care for the environment. Paying it forward. You can visit Ichcha here. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you already received your complimentary access to the digital podcast. If you aren’t, well, don’t miss it! It’s always nice to put a voice to the brand, and to hear why they do what they do. Plus, listening to it always feels like we are all gathered for tea!



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