Magical Monday, Edition 2

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It’s hard to believe that 2016 is almost over and we are again caught up in the frenzy that marks the last 2 months of the year. Though these days, it does seem that we are pretty much in a frenzy all through the year. My way of coping with the information overload, emails and messages that demand a response ‘right now’, and all the screen time added to already-heavy schedules of work, parenting etc. has been to make sure I get that morning walk, spend a few minutes meditating, and to take  my camera everywhere with me. Making something every day, in this case taking photographs, has allowed me to carry on with what needs doing, as well as all that I want to do. I hope sharing these moments behind the camera when, and where, all is calm and quiet, will add something to your day.

Sari/ Magical Monday/CollectiviteaMy muse this past weekend was this sari (as you know, saris have been the topic of much conversation lately!). This sari was my first grown up sari. Let me explain. I have always thought that as we transition from being a teenager into an adult, we look at the world with shining eyes and think to ourselves, “This is who I am going to be.” When I first saw this silk sari in matte black with dull red-pink border, I remember feeling that moment of certainty- “this is who I am going to be”. I would wear these slightly edgy, boho saris- the color was frowned upon as being too somber for a young girl at that time, and my Mom was hesitant to buy it.  I would pair them with vintage silver or oxidized metal jewelry. I even had really nice Italian sandals that went with the sari. I would work at a job that would help people. I would be kind, sympathetic, and supportive. I would attend art shows and book readings, and have tons of friends (of course, just 2 that I would be really, really close to).  I could see myself being and doing all that just from looking at the sari alone. You know what I mean?

Sari/ Magical Monday/Collectivitea

Sari/ Magical Monday/Collectivitea


Sometimes, between that moment, and the turns and twists of life, we may lose touch with that magical feeling of certainty. But do remember, that it’s always right there for you to claim it back. No matter where you are, nor how young or old. Have a fabulous week! The sari and that necklace are about 20 years old and as you can see, some of the threads are unraveling. But it remains my favorite sari to date.- Priya

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6 thoughts on “Magical Monday, Edition 2

  1. I just couldn’t believe that these were exactly my thoughts when I was a teenager ! When my friends were raving about real bright colors and big dreams and bright future , I used to reflect exactly the same way as mentioned in ur blog….. Sober colors, ethic but trendy accessories that used to reflect my personality, my collection of books and love for art……. I still get goosebumps and it brings a big wide smile on my face.

  2. I’m much older than you, with grown up sons and grandchildren. But I am so in sync with you here that I feel the age gap is of no consequence at all. All those dreams of classic sarees, traditional jewellery, passion for the arts, have seen me through the years. I continue to study and collect textiles and and sarees, 19th century paintings done in India to be taken back home by Englishmen, books on art and tons of old lamps, None of my Kanjiverams are younger than 30 years and they still look beautiful. Old books, old sarees, old lamps, what more can one ask for to make life beautiful? Love your blog.
    With warm wishes,

  3. That is a gorgeous sari! I totally understand this. Though as a young adult I felt that about wearing suits that were way too old for me then. Not sure what that says about me! Now after 25 years I just want to retire early and wear block printed caftans. Life changes! We just need to be true to what fits us at various times of life.

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