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Over A Cup Of Tea: Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Week/CollectiviteaHello and hope your holiday week is off to a great start! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and as we celebrate the abundance in our lives- the people, the joy, the food- I want to share with you what I am especially grateful for this year. I am always thankful for my family and friends, and for good health. In addition, I am so thankful for the opportunities that I’ve gotten to explore my creativity- it’s a gift that I cherish every day. The day that I decided that I needed to start a blog (8 years this December!) was, for me, one of the best decisions of my life. Photography and writing make my world go around, and the more I have gotten to do both, the more awe I feel. That quiet, meditative moment behind the lens when the colors and patterns come together to make magic is as close to divinity as I’ve gotten. And getting up everyday and writing here has become part of my daily life. I have blogged through big and small happenings and through some really tough times, and to me this online space will never be just a blog -it’s an expression of all the beauty I come across – in words, thoughts, actions and pictures, a resource book of creativity as well as a refuge! So I am immensely grateful for this platform, and for your company on this lovely, creative journey! Now I’d like to hear from you- what are you most grateful for this Thanksgiving? I would love to hear from you!

Thanksgiving Week/Collectivitea

I am also excited to bring you some ideas for your Thanksgiving table, so stay tuned for posts leading right up to the holiday. Whether you have 2 people on your guest list or 20, I am going to share some mix and match, color and pattern inspiration that you can incorporate to create your one of a kind Thanksgiving table! Have a lovely week! – Priya

Update: Setting A Thanksgiving Table How To is here! 


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