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Over a cup of tea.. (Online Journal) / Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Over A Cup Of Tea/ Resilience/Collectivitea

What a week it has been! I’ve had this post half written for some time now, and it suddenly seems like the best time to share it.   My son will be 18 next year, and I’ve been thinking of all the things I want to say to him before he heads out into the world (insert teenage eye roll)! Of course, there’s never just one thing- be safe, be kind, eat healthy, and on and on, you know, what I mean- there’s so much we want to share with our children, and we try to do that all through their childhood. The hope is we’ve already shared all that, and they’ve taken it and made it their own. The hope is that we’ve given them the wings to fly. But if there was just one specific thing you had to pick,  what would it be? I would choose to tell them about resilience. The ability to pick yourself up after a fall. Is that something we can teach? While we are all different in the environments and stresses that surround us and in our reactions to these, I think that making children aware that life isn’t about perfection, but of working with their strengths and learning from failure, is the most important thing we can do for them.  Of course, this is bound to be different with each of us and it doesn’t apply only to teaching kids. How about you? What is your most important life lesson? I feel resilience has been really important for me. I would love to know, what is your “one thing to share”? – Priya

Over A Cup Of Tea/ Resilience/Collectivitea




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  1. Hi Priya, resilience is an essential topic to enlighten our children about. I often talk to them about finding their voice. In their school, they follow Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits and the Leader in Me model and they have come up with the 8th habit which is Find your Voice. I often struggle with this myself and I hope that my children find theirs in every situation good and bad. This I hope will give them a stronger identity which in turn will help them develop resilience 😊.

  2. Integrity is big for me – integrity to yourself and amongst others. It takes years to build trust, but seconds to break it and forever to repair. With integrity intact, you can go to bed at night and sleep peacefully – which, in my opinion, is worth all the riches in the world

  3. My one mantra is live your life happily without hurting anyone intentionally . I have always had a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong . What is convenient is not always right and I would definitely want to instill that into my children .being a good kind person and finding their voice and path always comes before being super successful for me .

    1. Hi Deepika, I totally agree. I don’ know if this specific to the Silicon Valley but it’s something I see so often here- you just want to protect kids from that constant pressure to achieve, and achieve at very high levels. Always, all the time. It tramples on their budding individuality and personality and encourages success above all else. So, super successful may come at the expense of so much. Thank you for sharing! – Priya

  4. Hi Priya ,

    First of all , that is a beautiful write up .

    You have stirred up a hornet’s nest in me .
    It is so hard to pick just one thing to give our kids.
    For me , humility is so essential . With humility , comes wisdom. And with wisdom comes the modesty and down to earth ness to realize you are not higher or better than the other .

    In a world that is filled with so much chaos and distraught – humility n compassion to everyone grounds a person .

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