Sruthi Singh: Creative Workspace (Part 3)

Creative Workspace/ Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi /Collectivitea

I am doing #tbt (Throwback Thursday) in a way that I think you’ll love! With a home tour that was so popular that a glimpse is enough to tell you whose style it represents. Today, I am taking you back to Sruthi Singh’s home that we featured two years ago. She has since moved to a new home, but while we wait for a look at that,  I have excerpts from an interview where you can get to know the creative behind The East Coast Desi blog. This is the final part of this series of posts  (click to read parts 1 and 2 ). This post shows you Sruthi’s workspace that she uses as her home office, as well as their media room. This is what she has to say..”…this is where I blog from, study, pay my bills and paint. It has a couple of my photographs turned into watercolors with Waterlogue app and framed with the IKEA frames. Instant original art!!! I also framed some absolutely precious things like my son’s first socks, grand mom’s key bunch that was a part of my trousseau, son’s artwork, in a shadow box to give the gallery wall some depth. Mixed in is a mask from Sri Lanka (gifted to me by my sister) and a papier-mâché alphabet G (family name) to add personalization to this space. A quote I try to live by that I created on PicMonkey reads: “Create the things you wish existed”..The media room has a contemporary feel to it and is done up in shades of grey and yellow. A whole lot of entertaining is done here when my son’s friends come over..”– Sruthi Singh

Creative Workspace/ Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi /Collectivitea

 Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi /Collectivitea  Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi /Collectivitea

All images are courtesy of Sruthi Singh.

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