Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi (Part 2)

Interiors / Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Sunroom/ Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi /Collectivitea

I am doing #tbt (Throwback Thursday) in a way that I think you’ll love! With a home tour that was so popular that a glimpse is enough to tell you whose style it represents. Today, I am taking you back to Sruthi Singh’s home that we featured two years ago. She has since moved to a new home, but while we wait for a look at that,  I have excerpts from an interview where you can get to know the creative behind The East Coast Desi blog and learn her decor mantra.  Needless to say, her classic style is as popular as it always was. Again, there are so many pictures that I have this up in 3 parts. All you have to do is keep that pot of tea hot, settle down for a dose of creativity and beauty. Part 1 of this series is here. This part of the series features the sunroom, dining and bedrooms as well as many of charming vignettes that invite you to linger and look a little closer. It’s the perfect antidote to this cold November day! Enjoy!- Priya

Dining room/ Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi /Collectivitea

CTEA: Tell us what inspires you.

SS: “In more ways than one, India serves as my muse. I’m drawn to the vibrant colors, music, poetry, infinite cultural influences, arts and crafts, architecture or just the busy streets. I also draw inspiration from everything else that’s around me – it could be as simple as the colors used in my son’s painting to as complex as the hues of the evening skies. I love it all and try to make the most of what I have around me.”
Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi /Collectivitea
Sruthi Singh’’s décor mantra:

vignette-4-copy“Never buy pieces for your home with the intention to merely fill the space. Take your time and acquire only those pieces and objects that wrap their arms around your heart.

Make heirloom pieces a part of your daily lives rather than treating them as relics. (For example, consider draping your grandmom’s hand knitted shawl on the couch).

A home is about the story of a family. So let every member have a say in the making of the home.

A place can look bold and beautiful with the introduction of fabrics in intriguing patterns and colors, so don’t be afraid to mix and match.

Stash away some of the accessories and rotate them frequently to keep things fresh.” -Sruthi Singh


Master Bedroom/Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi /Collectivitea

Vignette/Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi /Collectivitea Vignette/Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi /Collectivitea


Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi /Collectivitea Sruthi Singh Of The East Coast Desi /Collectivitea

The final part of the post will be up later tonight. I hope you enjoyed visiting this gorgeous home!- Priya

All images are courtesy of Sruthi Singh.

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