Home Tour + Storyteller: Sruthi Singh (Part 1)

Interiors / Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Living Room/ Sruthi Singh/collectivitea

I am doing #tbt (Throwback Thursday) in a way that I think you’ll love! With a home tour that was so popular that a glimpse is enough to tell you whose style it represents. Today, I am taking you back to Sruthi Singh’s home that we featured two years ago. She has since moved to a new home, but while we wait for a look at that,  I have excerpts from an interview where you can get to know the creative behind The East Coast Desi blog and learn her decor mantra.  Needless to say, her classic style is as popular as it always was. Again, there are so many pictures that I will have this up in  3 parts. All you have to do is keep that pot of tea hot, settle down and visit us through the day for a dose of creativity and beauty. It’s the perfect antidote to this cold November day! Enjoy!- Priya

Sruthi Singh/Collectivitea

CTEA: Tell us a little about yourself. 

SS: I’m Sruthi Singh, and I live in Virginia with my devoted husband and energetic 7 year old son. There are many facets to me. On the family front – my son keeps me on my toes and has learned the trick to hypnotize me with his large puppy dog eyes and long lashes. An easy to woo wife, all it takes is flowers and my husband’s smile. Also a daughter, sister and friend to the most wonderful people who complete me. On the intellectual front – an auditor and accountant by profession. With the constant need to feed my left brain, am currently pursuing my MBA. Coming to my artistic psyche – I’m a self-taught painter, small business owner, photographer, ever willing traveler, enjoy playing décor stylist and interior decorator when called upon to do so and a fervent blogger at “The East Coast Desi”. And then there’s the Desi me – speak 5 different Indian languages, a cup of adrak (ginger) chai is a ritual I wake up to every morning, all meals must be accompanied by pickle and being an absolute romantic at heart, love all the dreamy scenes from a Yashraj movie.

Living Room/ Sruthi Singh/collectivitea,

CTEA: When did you move to the US?

SS: “My husband’s company headquartered in the US required that we make our move from India in 2005. With bags packed and ready to embrace a new world and cultures, the experiences and perspectives we’ve gathered along the way have been so worthwhile. And as they say, “Every perfect traveler always creates the country where he travels”, we’ve managed to create a home away from home, with a lot of India and a little of every other place that we’ve been to.”

Living Room/ Sruthi Singh/collectivitea Living Room/ Sruthi Singh/collectivitea

CTEA: Tell us about your blog.

SS: “My blog “The East Coast Desi” (TECD) is a creative and resourceful space where I artfully present my home decorating experiences and experiments with spotlight on Indian and global décor influences. I’m no design guru, but I do think I have attained decorating Nirvana when I look at my home. It’s this feeling of contentment that I wanted to share with my readers and virtually assist and inspire them to attain their own. TECD is also about providing a comprehensive platform to showcase emerging artists and their products/ projects and décor brands from across the world. My profession calls for accuracy and following set standards where 2+2 always and must equal 4. But in my creative space- my blog, I have the freedom where there is less emphasis on perfection and any inaccuracies only lead to discovering unknown possibilities. My blog space helps me create the things I wish existed and that helps me breathe life into the artistic visualizations that my mind conceives. Bottling up all that creativity inside without an outlet used to suffocate me. But now I revel in the joy of receiving validation for things that are creatively important to me and this has been a boost to my creative ego.”Living Room/ Sruthi Singh/Collectivitea

CTEA: What does your home mean to you?

SS: “If there is a place I’m emotionally invested in, it’s my home because I share it with the people who mean the world to me. My home is an honest expression of my family’s combined personalities. It’s a special place because it humors our idiosyncrasies as a family. We have our precious heirloom pieces, travel memorabilia, objects that have compelled us to own them, finance and design books and Legos that make our home what it is. But that said functionality, comfort and mess management was on the top of our list with the prerequisite to have our Indian roots reflected in our home. Not deluged by the trends in the market, we let our heart dictate what we love and the end result is a vibrant eclectic space where an IKEA contemporary mirror is at ease alongside a brass Ganesha, a flea market find and a gift from a dear friend. I don’t think I can say that I’m done decorating my home at any point. Our home is ever evolving as we tweak, rotate and create new displays and vignettes but at the end of the day it has our signature all over it. It’s a place where experiences and memories are constantly being revisited and made anew.”

Sunroom/ Sruthi Singh/Collectivitea Sunroom/ Sruthi Singh/Collectivitea


You will be happy to know that we are just getting started on the gorgeous pictures. Please visit us later in the day for more pictures and more of the interview. The internet has a way of making things, and people, one-dimensional, but I hope that by sharing these stories we can get to know more of the layers that make up the brands and blogs we know and love.  Stay tuned!- Priya; Update: Part 2 is here.

All images are courtesy of Sruthi Singh.



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