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Stories Of Silver And Silk/Collectivitea
Hello Sunday! Every week on Collectivitea, I want to share with you stories of people doing fabulous things around the world. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing these posts.

Stories Of Silver And Silk/Collectivitea I’ve always been drawn to styles or types of work that can take all that is awesome about a traditional skill, and gently lead it into contemporary times. That way a skill or art and craft form is not lost. It continues to be relevant, and even achieves wider appeal. To quote Keats (albeit a little out of context), to preserve it, so that it “… is a joy for ever:Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness; ..” Which brings us to today’s post.  Stories of Silver And Silk is an organization headed by a team of two designers who work with hill tribe silver craftsmen in Northern Thailand. They offer a range of contemporary jewelry and textile products as well as the opportunity for custom designs. Do read their story (below) and visit their website for more of their work. Have a great week, everyone! -Priya

Stories Of Silver And Silk/Collectivitea

Stories was created by two designers, Lucija and Joy, who believe traditions should live and thrive alongside innovation and progress. We believe in sustainable approach to design and are focused on preserving Thai heritage and traditional arts that, as so often nowadays is the case also elsewhere, tend to disappear and become a thing of the past. We work side by side with small local hill tribe silver craftsmen from rural areas throughout Northern Thailand who still use traditional techniques and rely on ancestral knowledge when bringing our design ideas into life. Our unique handmade silver jewelry is a contemporary reflection of traditional forms. Each design piece tells a story (hence the name) of who created it or how it was born, thus connecting the artist and the product with the customer. We hope to help preserve local knowledge and traditions by creating opportunities for the low income population in rural communities to lead a sustainable lifestyle without disrupting their traditional ways.”- Stories of Silver & Silk

Stories Of Silver And Silk/Collectivitea

Images courtesy of Stories Of Silver And Silk.


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