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Thanksgiving: Setting A Gorgeous Table

Thanksgiving Table Setting How To/Collectivitea

What I am about to share doesn’t apply to just Thanksgiving or table settings. Think of it as a how-to for mixing and matching patterns in a way that that makes every color glow like a jewel. These plates (all sources below) are beautiful by themselves and have that boho + Eastern vibe that I love. But I want to place a napkin on them or have a table cloth or runner on the table etc.etc. – what color and pattern will go with this? You don’t want anything to clash or detract from each other. How do you set it up? Well, I have a trick that I’d like to share with you and as you start to get your Thanksgiving table ready, I hope it helps!

Step 1: Thanksgiving Table Setting How To/Collectivitea

I really like the blues on the plate. They are subtle, yet provide a nice contrast to the orange (which is, of course, so lovely for fall). I want to highlight those blues, and so I chose napkins that play on those shades. Also the paisleys on the rim of the plates are echoed in the napkins. This ties them together as if they were meant for each other.  (Forgive my extravagant language but truly, colors and patterns make me want to wax eloquent!), Basically, pick an existing color you want to accent and then add it in a larger dose.

Thanksgiving How To/Collectivitea

Step 2: So now, I have the plate setting on a table, sans table cloth or runner. This is where it gets totally awesome! If you think of it as vertical layers, first place a tablecloth in the same/similar shades of blue. I didn’t have a tablecloth identical to the set of napkins, so I decided to pick one that has a similar shade of blue + paisleys. Blue tablecloth at the base, orange+ blue plates, blue napkins, orange+blue tchotchke or napkin ring… Looks good, yes?

Thanksgiving Table Setting How To/Collectivitea

Once you have all your plates lined up, start adding all kinds of fun elements- figurines, fruits, flowers etc. If you stay within the colors you have chosen to play up, the whole table will look awesome and put together, without being matchy-matchy. You could also try accenting the green (see top picture) on the plate with all kinds of greenery. Again, these tips work when you are trying to coordinate sofas and pillows, clothing or just about anything! Just have fun with it and if it makes you happy to look at it, well that’s the best! I have more of these posts, so stay tuned! – Priya

Update: Part 2 is here!

 Sources: Plates from World Market; blue and white paisley napkin and the tablecloth are both from Pottery Barn from some years ago. Cute little blue, white and orange elephant from a trip to India. 

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