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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: For The Tea Lover


Holiday Gift Guide 2016: For The Tea Lover/ CollectiviteaIt’s the holiday gift guide season, and I have a set of gift guides that go the extra step in helping you make the perfect choice for that special person. Of course, these are great for birthdays, graduation, and other milestones – a number of my family members also have birthdays and anniversaries in December- so, this set of lists can easily multitask! So, what should you get the tea lover? First, let’s define who that is- someone who likes to drink tea, with cream or without, black or green or any other kind of tea, someone who loves experimenting with different brews as well as that someone who loves tea time because it reminds him or her of the romantic past when time slowed down for this most important ritual. There is also another type of tea lover – the one who loves the idea of drinking tea, making different blends etc. For example, contrary to what you may believe, I only drink 1 or 2 cups of tea (and no coffee) on a given day, am partial to one kind of brew, and I am resistant to the idea of trying new brews. But I love the idea of being the person who reads about different herbal teas and tries them, or knows infusion recipes for colds,  or aches and pains- someone is down with a cold and I brew my special herbal tea and they feel a little better. I just pull out my book of herbal tea recipes and voila! It’s definitely someone I aspire to be! I think my list will cover all of these people, and in one go! Give them the Tea Lover Hamper!

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: For The Tea Lover/ CollectiviteaAs I mentioned in my previous gift guides, I love to gift hampers rather than one single item. So for a tea lover, consider a hamper with two or more of these  1) tea cups for one or two (depending upon your recipient) or you can get an entire, handmade set like Maia Ming’s stoneware which is a fabulous gift all by itself- you get the idea! 2) head to World Market and get a pack of shortbread or if you like to bake it yourself, add a small tea cake (this sounds delicious). Any food item that complements the tea is great, it doesn’t have to be sweet, of course; 3) a tea subscription from TeaBox.  If you know their favorite blend of tea, you can give them that or a holiday blend;  4) a book or two. The book is where you let yourself go! Mystery whodunits like Louise Penny’s latest though, to be honest, I find her books are almost poetic in their language, and they are so much more than just mystery novels; romance novels, comics, magazine subscriptions, recipes, coloring books- the sky is the limit! I liked this book called Infuse which has recipes for various nourishing and healing herbal teas. It depends on the interests of the person you are gifting and because tea time is associated with a time to relax and slow down, practically anything that contributes to that feeling will be a good fit (music, Audible membership, list of suggested podcasts!). You can add pretty napkins etc. I hope that helps and if you have any other suggestions, let me know and I will add it to the list. Have a wonderful day and stay tuned for more of these gift guides!- Priya

Holiday Gift Guide 2016: For The Tea Lover/ Collectivitea


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