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Interiors / Thursday, December 8th, 2016

Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea

Hello! Today, San Francisco-based interior designer and blogger Kunjan Chabra is sharing glimpses of her lovely home on Collectivitea. Home tours, to me, are all about love stories. When a person, or a couple, sets up their home, it’s the beginning of a new chapter in their lives and the home becomes their canvas. They discover news things they love, merge shared interests or showcase diverse ones. Whether we set it up ourselves or avail the help of a professional,  it’s as if we use our homes to tell the world who we are, what matters to us, and what we love most. It’s not about right or wrong, and even less about perfection, and more about the stories of lives lived there.  When you take the tour of Kunjan’s home below, you will come away with a sense of Kunjan’s innate style and warmth, and a home that is a fusion of contemporary living and old-world charm. Add a dash of boho, mix well, and enjoy! It’s also a kind of home that I think will never go out of style because it’s eclectic individuality makes it an ageless classic. -Priya

Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea

“Hi! I am Kunjan Chabra, the voice and curator behind the blog, An Affair With Color. I live in San Francisco with my absolutely amazing husband, Nakul. We have been married for 4 years, and I moved to San Francisco after my wedding in 2012 to join him and create our own little world here.

Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea

“While I moved to SF with a Masters degree in human resources and a background in recruitment, I moved here on a H4 visa which did not allow me to work. I used that as my time to pursue things I was truly passionate about – design and decor. I started exploring my new city and creating our little abode. I wanted to share this amazing journey along the way to the decor world which is how An Affair With Color was born. It is a platform to share my love for the gorgeous finds that I would come across when I was out and about exploring my city and implementing different styles to create something that was truly personal, and not a catalog home. Earlier this year, I got my authorization to work in US and started my own business as an Interior Designer under the same name.”

Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea

My Style

“I would describe my personal style as eclectic meets bohemian with a flair of modern organic – well, that’s three different styles right there. You see, that’s how I like to style. I love raw wood, brass tones, textures, tons of plants and of course, color!! I feel a home is a multilayer cake, every layer is a different style that provides the flavor to your overall tasteful home.”

Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea

“I am a big believer of mixing different elements and textures from across the world, that lends individuality to a certain space. I  love mixing high and low – all of which are finds that I fall in love with. I buy things I truly truly love and make space for them later :). Hence, whenever I get a chance, I visit different flea markets and vintage/antique stores to find something which is one of a kind . Each piece in my home has a story to share, from the couch which was bought after several funny disagreements with my husband, to getting our new dining table made, which was an 8 months project!! Art which was auctioned at a museum, which I scored at a flea market, to something I found at a thrift store. I love how diverse yet so mine this home of ours is.”

Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea“I will never say I am done with decorating my home, it is always a work in progress :). I like to buy items I can play around with – I have multiple tables and consoles which have served well in the living, guest and even bathrooms :). I enjoy the versatility of things.”Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea

My Home

“Home, to me is all about creating a happy space for yourself and your loved ones. I love the colorfulness and the happiness my home radiates. Our living room opens up to a backyard at one end and a large window overlooking the street on the other end. This setup creates an illusion of extra open space. Apart from getting a lot of sunlight through most of the day, it also provides us ample space to host big gatherings. As our first home, we had to buy everything from scratch…The couch, bed, dining table and chairs, utensils… Okay, you get the point ;). Everything is precious to me because of the story behind each piece…a two month long search for the perfect couch that satisfied both of us, to arguments at a flea market about a certain artifact. But nothing is uber expensive. I love to play around with new and different things, and take pride in finding the happiest things, not the most expensive things. The only thing I swear by is, to create a happy home instead of a perfect one.”- Kunjan

Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea

Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea

Image courtesy/ credits: Kunjan Chabra

Home Tour/ Kunjan in San Francisco/Collectivitea

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  1. Kunjan enjoyed the tour with the story behind it!

    Are you a big fan of cost plus works market ? I love colors myself ! Your garden looks lovely !

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