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Welcome to the second part of yesterday’s Storyteller post with architect Dipa Desai! Today, I have the tour of her gorgeous Mumbai home, a house that she has designed. It is contemporary and celebrates the many art forms and crafts of India like gorgeous, intricate wood work and marble inlays. The home is reflective of what Dipa believes in, a contemporary celebration of India’s heritage of the arts and exquisite craftsmanship. Enjoy!- Priya


Dipa Desai/ Storyteller/CollectiviteaMy home:

“When I, eventually, got down to restructuring and redesigning my own home, I was clear about what I wanted. Our home had to find a place for all the memories we had made and shared as a family. It had to be a life-size photo album of precious moments. It had to be that book which told our story. It had to be a showcase that would display all the memorabilia, art, paintings, crafts bought on our journeys to wonderful places.”Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea

Entry lobby of the home

Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea

Living Room (above and below) Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea

“A place which looked modern, contemporary, and yet had an identity which was predominantly Indian without screaming ethnic. I incorporated Indian elements like marble inlays, wooden carved panels, wooden Jalli work, jute textures on walls, a large commissioned Buddha painting, vintage heirloom furniture, in a modern and contemporary decor. It was everything that I had been speaking about for years. A fusion of Indian elements in a modern context. (I wanted to buy art from the traditional artists but I couldn’t find modern-day interpretations. I am going to pursue them to do some for me.)”

 Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea

“Above all, It is a place called home that unites us as a family, where people and friends come to visit and never leave too soon. It is a practical, functional, place that efficiently takes care of our daily requirements. The result is all that we hoped for and more.”

Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea


“After designing my home, the feeling is like I have finally reached my destination after making multiple stops on my journey. The feeling is similar to that scene in the movie, “Forrest Gump”. He kept running for years till he reached a point where he had no other place he wanted to run to.”- Dipa Desai

Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea

Dining area (above and below)

Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea

Seen here, the guest bedroom which echoes the sleek, contemporary lines, lack of clutter, and tons of discreet, practical storage.

Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea

An ancestral study table in the guest bedroom
Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea

Master bedroom (above and below) with its lovely views of the outdoors.

Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea

And finally, Dipa’s son’s room…

Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea

Mumbai Home Tour/Dipa Desai/Collectivitea

 Goals for the future:

“Researching on Indian arts that can adapt to interior materials and surfaces, but with modern and relevant designs without changing its identity. Collaborating with artists and hoping to develop some new styles. Developing a unique technique to fuse Indian art permanently on different hard surfaces. The task is tough but challenging, and I am excited.” – Dipa Desai


All images are courtesy of Dipa Desai.

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  1. Dipa every inch of your renovated house tells about your creativity,taste and sense of designing and implementation so nicely thought and collection of paintings are superb and it’s not at all over done any where

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