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Let Creativity Take Flight (SLIC)

Welcome to the first SLIC (Sharing Lessons In Creativity, duh)! If you’ve stumbled onto this post first, please read what this series is about here and the background here. Now let’s get started..
You are here because you are a creative. You know the feeling of being immersed in your favorite thing to do- art, music, pottery, sculpture, jewelry making, writing, journaling, scrapbooking, photography, woodwork, making collages, or doing something in a science or engineering lab- in truth, there may be as many activities that are in use as a vehicle of the creative process as there are people. It brings you immeasurable joy to spend time on these projects. The first thing to remember is to Let Creativity Take Flight.
Sharing Lessons In Creativity/Collectivitea

Don’t weigh it down with your expectations. For example, the expectation that it’s going to bring fame and fortune, or even a decent amount of money! Do it because the grace in practicing, and exploring your creativity is immeasurable, like a dance with an elusive Cinderella.  You have already been left richer, in ways beyond material benefits, for having met her.


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