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Art, Creatives+ Creative Entrepreneurs / Friday, January 6th, 2017

 Nidhi Chanani:Collectivitea

Today on Collectivitea, I want to share with you an interview that I’d done in 2015 with San Francisco-based artist Nidhi Chanani; it first appeared in the ouatt magazine. You are probably already familiar with her art that captures ordinary moments from our daily lives, and portrays them as the magical, and colorful time capsules that they are. I know I want to be one of the characters in her drawings because they are savoring all that life has to offer, and living each moment fully. In fact her work A Cup Of Tea (seen in the picture of my desk below) is one my favorite art pieces, and I always have it on my work desk- the girl could be me, right down to the pensive look!  I am excited to share Nidhi’s story and her work on the blog today!- PriyaCollectivitea

Nidhi Chanani:CollectiviteaOUATT: Hi Nidhi, welcome to OUATT! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

NC: I am a freelance illustrator and artist, and the owner of Everyday Love Art. I am currently working on my debut graphic novel, Pashmina, to be published by First Second Books. I recently illustrated Misty – The Proud Cloud, a children’s book written by Hugh Howey. I was born in Calcutta, and raised in suburban, southern California. I’ve been working as a full-time artist for 5 years now. I accept commissions, but due to my hectic schedule it’s usually 2/month and my next availability is September.

Nidhi Chanani:Collectivitea
We Met In College/Nidhi Chanani

OUATT: We think of your style as “seeing beauty where others might miss it!” How would you describe the style of your art?

NC: I describe my work as whimsical and romantic.

Nidhi Chanani:Collectivitea

OUATT: What are the current projects you are working on? What would be your dream project?

NC: I’m working on Pashmina most days. Writing and drawing a graphic novel is a large task, I’ve already spent 2+ years on it. I also have some unannounced projects. I balance between Pashmina and running Everyday Love Art. I’m also working on some product releases for Comic-Con San Diego. My dreams are always tied to books. I’m currently working on a dream of mine, Pashmina. I’ve always wanted to make a graphic novel. I hope that I get more chances to make more books, whether graphic novels or kids books. Ideally, both! I love story telling and if I could spend all my time doing that I would be very happy.

OUATT: Finally, what are your most ambitious goals? Do you feel that you are exactly where you want to be?

NC: My most ambitious goal is for Everyday Love Art products to be carried in shops and boutiques across the country, to have a flagship shop in San Francisco and to produce 3-5 books a year. Those are my business and career goals. I started this path because I wanted to connect with people. One of my goals is to go on a national tour to teach art in small communities. When you leave the big cities, access and exposure to art is still an issue. I would love to break that barrier and bring art to people, to teach, exchange and connect.”

You can find Nidhi Chanani and her beautiful art at her website Everyday Love Art. All art images are courtesy of Nidhi Chanani/ Everyday Love Art.

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