Weekend Journal, Jan 9th 2017

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Weekend Journal/Collectivitea

Hello Monday! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, that you got to relax, and do the things that you wanted to do. If you listened to my (short) podcast last Monday, then you know that one of my goals for this year is to change the way I work. For the last year or two, my days, both work days and weekends, have pretty much involved getting up and working at my computer till end of day. This year, however, I wanted to bring more planning and productivity to my work days, and to dedicate weekends to recharging. I have made these resolutions before and they’ve gone the way of most resolutions- which is to say they have gone away! This year I am committed because I can see, and feel the toll it’s taking on my health. With that in mind, I have taken up 1) a daily meditation practice, 2) regular journaling in an actual notebook (and not a device) and, 3) decided that I’ll get out more (and not just for chores, grocery etc. etc) I am happy to say that with the first week of 2017 behind us, I am still holding on to these.

Asian Art Museum/Weekend Journal/Collectivitea

There was torrential rain forecast for the past weekend, but since it was going to start later on Saturday, we headed to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco to see their special exhibit The Rama Epic, Hero, Heroine, Ally, Foe. ( If you are in the area, do visit- it’s a good exhibit. It wraps up next weekend.) If you’ve been following my Instagram feed, you know this is really my dream kind of day- a rainy day spent at an art museum, followed by a late lunch in our favorite hole-in-the-corner restaurant. Then back home for tea, and a bit of quiet time with a book. And then a long walk in the rain. It was a lovely day, and honestly, I couldn’t see what stopped me from doing this before. Or more accurately, when did I stop doing this? Did I have to force myself to have fun?! Ugh!

Weekend Journal/Collectivitea

I think it’s fair to say that at some time or other, all of us get caught up in the ‘have to’ and ‘must’ of daily life, and forget to have fun. Or we end up putting ‘having fun’ at the bottom of the list. Surely, being a responsible adult doesn’t mean we have to do that?  I don’t think it’s too simplistic to say that many times, the errands or chores can wait. Things don’t have to look perfect all the time or the errands don’t all need to be out of the way before you can have some fun. Yes? That’s the current lesson I am learning! And the rewards are manifold! Relaxation, but also new creative inspiration!

Weekend Journal/Collectivitea

So we went to the museum and then on Sunday morning, I took 30 minutes to doodle and write in my journal – as you can see, my drawings were influenced by the museum visit, and all the angst and drama of the Ramayana! If you are going to the exhibit, details are here. Have a lovely day! I will be back with my Monday podcast in a bit. – Priya

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