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Books, Over a cup of tea.. (Online Journal) / Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Weekend Book Sales/Collectivitea

I am happy to have made it to the end of the week!  What are your weekend plans? Mine involve doing taxes, going to a book sale, ferrying my younger teen to a tech workshop, and attending a science event that my older teen is a part of. My kids are not super into classes or events, but every now and then they will find something that piques their interest. The book sale, well, can you ever have too many books?! There used to be a point when I could say that I had read every book in the house, but between work and kids, there isn’t as much time, and yet, we continue to attend book sales regularly. I also never made the complete switch to an e-reader. I use them for traveling, but at other times, I love having a book in my hands.  Which means we now have piles of books that we have rescued from book sales, and haven’t gotten around to reading. I guess the feeling that drives us is, “Oh no, what’s going to happen to them?! We need to bring them home!” Kind of a they are going to be extinct feeling! In my callow youth, I may have judged someone for having books in their home that they hadn’t read, but not any more. Plus there is always that old dream of retiring to an island, and opening a small book store, and living happily ever after. (Insert older teenager’s eye roll!)  Some years ago, on a trip to the Big Island, Hawaii, we came across a book store. It looked old and it sold second hand books. There were so many books, and given the timeless nature of island vacations, I became convinced that this was a great retirement plan- move to an island, and open a book store. Read until you have customers, and then read some more. What an idyll! The stuff of dreams. All of us have fanciful dreams whether we admit to them or not. Some of them seem fanciful, even to us. What are your most fanciful dreams? Forget about insurance, and  other mundane things that will invariably crop up in a practical discussion. What would you do if you could? Tell me. – Priya






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