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Comfort Zone/Tea Wisdom/Collectivitea

Dear all,

It’s the kind of morning tea time that is the stuff of dreams! Pouring rain, and a lovely filtered light that is perfect for photography at breakfast. As you know I am trying to take pictures and blog/write about something everyday as a creative exercise, and I am finding it  both fun and challenging. My current photography fascination is with the earthy color of terra cotta, and its pairing with something unexpected like blue and white china.

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I’ve had a couple of things on my mind this week, and since I’ve always used the blog community as a sounding board, here goes! I have been thinking about how nice it is to be in my comfort zone, but it’s best not to get too comfortable, right? We get settled in our ways and lose flexibility. (But hey, that also sounds like what the 40’s are all about, right?!) But no. Life is constantly offering us opportunities and challenges to grow, and one way that I’ve found to meet and grow beyond them is to not take it, and myself too seriously. This is something I am still in the process of learning, but one thing is becoming clear: the less I weigh down the results with my expectations and general seriousness, the more fun it is. And I also become  more open to a variety of outcomes. Let’s be clear- we are not talking about rash or risky decisions made in any section of our lives. We are talking about trying things that you are interested in even if you think you are going to suck at it,  or fail. After all we are built for growth, and by showing up and constantly pushing our boundaries we are growing. In many instances, we grow in ways we are not even aware that we can. Share your thoughts! Have a fantastic day, and I will see you back later. -Priya

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