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How We Do Anything… Sharing Lessons In Business


How We Do Anything/Sharing Lessons In Business

Hello Monday! How was your weekend? We hosted a birthday party on Saturday for my younger teenager, and it was fun to see everyone, eat cake, and enjoy the sound of the kids’ laughter. Sunday was quiet, and a little gloomy because of the rain. We did watch the Super Bowl, and what a game that was! (We were rooting for the Falcons because Atlanta was our home many years ago.) As I went about the weekend, I thought a lot about what was, for me, really the most important life lesson learnt from running a small business. And that was this- how we do anything is how we do everything. This quote is attributed variously to different writers. This is what it means to me, that how I work is how I behave in other sections of my life. Be courteous and fair in your dealings with people. In fact, be kind as much as possible. Don’t do it for the money alone. Do it because you are passionate about your product or providing a service. Focus on how what you do or provide makes your customer’s life better. Aside from financial compensation, the rewards you get back are immense- confidence, new skills, and most important of all, a community of people. You will make mistakes. That is a given. Don’t take anything personally. It is the nature of any endeavor. Learn from them, and keep moving ahead. If possible, surround yourself with a supportive group that helps you look ahead, and encourages you. They are your cheerleaders. They help you work on any flaws in the business, and help you grow. Most important of all, embrace your pace of growth. You may be a small app that gets millions of users in the first year which is awesome, or you may be a business that takes a few years to establish itself. Know where you want to go, accept the reality of the time it may take, and work hard. Schedule breaks and time off because it is only the journey that matters. I feel like I have come full circle as I write that because, as I mentioned earlier, I wrote a post 3 years ago on when will the journey end?! Ha!

How We Do Anything/Sharing Lessons In Business

When I write these lines, it feels like the most obvious conclusions that a child could draw! They are. But in writing them today, I am reminding myself, and I hope reminding you too! Have a wonderful week and stay tuned for a beautiful home tour! – Priya


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  1. Renu says:


    Enjoying this series immensely and looking forward to the next installment!


    1. Collectivitea says:

      Thanks Renu! As I seem to be learning something every day I show up to work, I am sure I will have a lot of material! – Priya

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