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3 Instagram Accounts For Textile Lovers {Textile Tuesday}

The Textile Lovers Instagram/Collectivitea

A textile is a cloth, according to Wikipedia, that is made by weaving, knitting, knotting and a host of other methods. Textile making, and embellishing methods such as embroidery and painting have all been used to tell stories of communities, their way of life, and their beliefs and practices. Textile lovers love textiles. They travel far and near to learn the skills by which they are made and to collect magnificent specimens of textiles; in some cases, they add their own imprint and story to it and come up with a new interpretation of the traditional. All in all, storytelling and textiles are intertwined each level.  Thanks to the internet,  it’s easy to learn, appreciate, stay informed and shop the world’s textiles. I have listed 3 Instagram accounts that are a treat for textile lovers. I have to start with 1) LaBoheme~ House Of The Wishing Trees because Jo Brittle’s collections are superb especially if you’d like to acquire gorgeous suzanis. She is also a visual storyteller like no other with a gift for boldly bringing together patterns that you wouldn’t think to mix and match;  2) For handwoven textiles from around Asia, especially saris with exquisite weaves, do check out London and Kolkata-based The Far East Art Studio; 3) For an in-depth look at not just textiles, but the story of a textile entrepreneur, please follow Les Indiennes’ founder Mary Mulcahy. Her Instagram feed always make me think of travels to faraway lands, of learning new ways of life, and of becoming part of the communities you work with.  Of course, there are so many more, and I will keep updating you as I find them. Happy Textile Tuesday! – Priya

Image- It’s a tapestry that I was told by the seller is from the Ladakh region. It has many scraps of material joined together, and lots of embroidery, sequins and beads. These tapestries always remind me of the view from an airplane as soon as you take off, or just before you land, especially in southern India- of rice fields, crisscrossing roads, temples, buildings and tiny dots that are people.

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