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Hello Monday and Happy President’s Day! We are caught in a rainstorm in our corner of California, and the long weekend makes it easy to enjoy it from the comfort of home. If you are out in this weather, drive carefully and stay safe.  So, resolutions! Did you make any for the new year? I did too, and I talked about it here (it’s a post + audio file). I kept some of them, but I consciously let one or two go. Most resolutions are good for us. Like resolving to eat healthy, or get more exercise, and incremental small steps helps us get to where we want to be such as in better health, or a happier state of mind. But I think it’s okay to let some smaller categories go. Let me explain. In addition to resolving to take regular breaks and spending time away from the computer, I also wanted to devote time every day to exploring my creativity. This was the broad category. I then created smaller to-do’s within this, and two of those were to spend time everyday to take pictures + write a few words about it, and to record weekly podcasts. I started off the year with the podcasts, but I have decided to let them go temporarily. Why? Between running the marketplace, and sourcing and writing content, plus general life +work stuff, recording the podcasts was this big, bold TO-DO on my list. It looked like this tall mountain I had to climb, or else. I lost the enjoyment, and began to dread it. The commentary in my head went like this.. “What will I say? I HAVE to do this! Oh my goodness, it’s Monday already, and I haven’t done it! Aaaah. I am so awful!”  So I stopped. Since the goal is to explore my creativity and enjoy the creative process, I felt I didn’t have the bandwidth for it now, and maybe I can pick it up another time. Great! Which leaves me with taking pictures and writing every day- I look forward to this. It’s 30 minutes of calm in my day. Am I able to do this everyday? Well, most days. Wasn’t I supposed to do this everyday? Well, yes. But some days life gets in the way or the words just don’t show up. I have learnt to be gentle with myself, and let it go. Take a deep breath, and start again. Have a wonderful week! – Priya

Image credit: Studio Collectivitea

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