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Over a cup of tea.. (Online Journal) / Monday, February 6th, 2017


Tea Wisdom/ Collectivitea


We are always talking or writing about how busy we are. If we had a penny for every email or social media status post that mentions what a busy day we have ahead of us, we wouldn’t need to work! Are you busy? What would you do if you weren’t? If you were given time, or you carved out some time for yourself? If you removed others’ expectations, and shifted some commitments?  I would spend the time with my camera photographing old and new textiles, or I would draw and color in my sketchbook. I have music playing in the background. Though I may sometimes end up using the pictures as part of work, the purpose of this time would be to just play around with colors and prints; the time spent itself isn’t goal oriented. I have found it to be the most relaxing thing to do, and I am convinced as important to our well-being as daily exercise. When I started a blog, that was really what blogging was for me. A time to slow down, and dive into my creative self. Over time, I lost sight of that and blogging became something I had to do, a chore to finish, versus something that allowed me to be creative. I have decided to go back and recapture that feeling. Who’s to say you can’t begin again every day? Today, I was fascinated by the pairing of these 3 colors, pink, blue and white. Not a new love definitely, but it’s always fun to see the ways I can pair them. If you are looking for a how-to on ways to easily mix and match patterns, you might want to read these 2 posts (1, 2). Happy 4PM! Have a wonderful teatime!- Priya


Tea Wisdom/ Collectivitea Tea Wisdom/ Collectivitea


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