Textile Tour 2017-18/Collectivitea
As the warmer months appear on the horizon here in the Northern hemisphere, everyone is talking about spring breaks and summer plans. If you love textiles and want to learn about the process behind textile arts like weaving, fiber art, printing etc., I have some links for you that will help you plan for, and join a textile tour in 2017. I haven’t gone on one yet but it’s something my husband and I are looking forward to doing one of these days. 1) I really like the sound of this tour, Textiles & Desert Tribal Peoples Of India by Eat Your Heart Out Tours; they seem to be sold out for 2017 however, and are taking bookings for 2018. Definitely a must go-part of India, and I am going to be bookmarking this one! 2) I have also heard of Craftours that offer a range of tours around the world. I would love to go on the Colorful Crafts Of Peru and Uzbekistan trips. 3) I am also curious about this link I found, Women Travel Mother India. 4) ClothRoads, the global textile marketplace has an extensive list of textile tours and the companies that conduct them. The areas span South and Southeast Asia to South America. Textiles, like many of the world’s handicraft traditions, are a visual storytelling tool of a people, and their way of life. What better way to get to know a place than to see how it creatively inspired the people that lived there? Let me know if you have gone on one of these tours, or another one. Happy Valentine’s Day, sending you lots of love! -Priya

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