Love Blocks Arty Postcard, #1/Studio Collectivitea

Hello! It’s almost spring and it seems like we are racing through 2017! I got super busy with the administrative end of things here at Collectivitea. I am also in the middle of enrolling in a regular volunteer program because that was one of my big goals for 2017– it needs some paperwork and that’s taken some time . Plus my older son is up to his ears in college decisions and choosing where he’d like to go. (To be honest, I’d love for him to be within the state so that I get to see more of him but that’s the Mom in me talking.) It’s been chaotic and stressful, but one thing has helped a lot. I don’t know if this happens with you, but I can get easily overwhelmed with all the have-to’s and must-do’s. I then look at the day with stress and worry. A small shift in my thinking, and some planning has helped- these days, I always incorporate an activity/ place to visit/thing to do into the day that I love doing, that I want to do and which relaxes me. After all, shouldn’t joy be a crucial part of our day? For example, last week I was working with my accountant, and generally up to my ears in paperwork. I was double- and triple- checking things because I can be a little obsessive (ha!). There is a small park near his office with beautiful large ferns, and I made sure to arrive early so that I could spend a few minutes to admire and photograph them. It brought a little calm to my day, was very refreshing and when I walked into his office, I was smiling. This sounds like such a small thing, but in the long run, aren’t these the big moments?

Love Blocks Arty Postcard, #1/Studio Collectivitea

The other fun thing that I did was open my Studio Collectivitea store! I have never offered a physical item for sale- something that I’d poured my heart into- and I have always wanted to. So, I opened a store where I am, for now, offering postcards and greeting cards. These feature my photography. They are printed right here in the United States, and I am so impressed by the way they have turned out! I just added a few prints for now and will keep adding new ones as I go along. In these days of rapid fire emails and texts, there is something so beautiful about the time-tested tradition of writing a letter or sending a note to someone you love. When you use it, I hope it reminds you to be your happiest, creative self! It’s also fun to share the space with all the other creatives here and in the next few weeks, we have our first artisanal collaboration with textile weavers in Guatemala. Lots of excitement! I hope you are doing well. Do write in and share! – Priya

Image credit: Studio Collectivitea (you can also find me here)

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