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Interiors / Friday, March 17th, 2017

Hello and welcome to a wonderful boho home tour! For most of us, our homes are reflection of who we are, and what we like. For some of us, they are also a canvas for our creative experimentation. Today’s homeowner Kristin takes interior styling and layering to a whole new level. She effortlessly mixes, matches and layers prints, patterns, and textures to create a space that is an exuberant, boho-eclectic fantasy! And the textiles and plants?! In the tradition of the jungalow! You are going to love this one! – Priya

A Boho Home Tour/Collectivitea

“Hi! I’m Kristin and I’m so excited Priya of Collectivitea has invited me to be featured as a home tour on her blog today! I’m inspired by her beautiful interiors with a bohemian eclectic style! Today, I’ll share a bit about my journey into decorating and the remodel of my Northern California home.”A Boho Home Tour/Collectivitea

“As long as I can remember I have had an eye for styling and interior design. I remember as a child my parents would often take my siblings and I to to open houses on Sunday. There was a lot of new construction in town, and we would look at model homes for fun. It was inspiring to see how each cookie cutter home had a similar layout, but each one felt different because of it’s unique interior decor. I grew up with a desire to frequently change the colors of my bedroom and rearrange the furniture. I vividly remember my mom allowing me to redecorate my room and helping me pick out new furniture and wallpaper. When I was a teenager I took a risk and decided to paint my room lavender! My mom was always redecorating the house so I’m sure I picked up my passion for design from her.”

A Boho Home Tour/Collectivitea                                             (Same space as above but note how the mood changes with textiles!)

A Boho Home Tour/Collectivitea


A Boho Home Tour/Collectivitea“When I purchased my house with my husband, we could only afford a fixer upper, so we’ve spent the last 10 plus years working on our house. I would go and buy interior design magazines for inspiration. We watched HGTV all day long to learn about decorating and DIY techniques. Together, we slowly remodeled our modest 1960’s ranch home. We learned how to install hardwood floors, cover an ugly brick fireplace with reclaimed wood, and painted the walls with our own custom mixed colors! Later, we took on the bigger renovations, eventually remodeling two bathrooms and the kitchen. We’ve done most of the work ourselves, learning a lot along the way, and somehow living in a construction zone without killing each other!”

A Boho Home Tour/Collectivitea

“Since we had a limited budget, we would go to the flea market and thrift stores to find our decor. I developed a love for the clean lines of mid century furniture and handmade textiles from around the world. I honed my eye searching for unique vintage pieces that tell a story. Each piece I bought spoke to me with it’s patina and soul. When I brought it home I ended up rearranging the whole room to make it work. This became an expensive habit, so we decided to branch out and turn it into a business- or two!”

A Boho Home Tour/Collectivitea
“My husband decided to open a store, SwapShop, selling vintage furniture and home decor. Now, I had easy access to cool, unique pieces and nowhere to put them! So we opened our staging company, Upstage, to put my styling skills to good use. I enjoy the challenge of taking a house that’s for sale and making it look comfortable and lived in so a new owner is inspired to live there.”
A Boho Home Tour/Collectivitea “Lately, I have been experimenting with maximal, bohemian design in my home. My new obsession is Moroccan and Persian rugs! It’s such a challenge layering these pieces of art and interweaving their wild with colors and patterns! There are so many amazing handmade pillows made from rugs and other textiles from around the world! Nothing inspires me more than taking a neutral space and layering it with color, texture and pattern in unexpected ways. I’m inspired by the beauty of nature, so my home is filled with plants and natural materials like wood, stone, and metal. The atmosphere of my home has a casual and eclectic vibe and I can’t imagine living any other way! Each piece holds a special memory of the day I found it. It’s exciting to see where life is taking me and I want my home to reflect the journey. My dream is to style homes for other people and inspire others to live a fearless life filled with joy and a love! Everyone deserves a home that reflects their life and brings them happiness.” -Kristin

A Boho Home Tour/Collectivitea

Find Kristin on Instagram @designdoctork.

All images courtesy of Kristin Peters.

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