Currently Reading… (March 18th, ’17)

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Currently Reading /CollectiviteaHello everyone! Hope your weekend is going well. It’s been a very quiet Saturday at my end, getting out only for a quick lunch, and then back home. It was a tiring week and I have been grateful for some quiet time. I actually started reading a book today afternoon. I never thought I would write those words and feel pleasantly surprised. Lately, it seems whatever I am doing, I have to stop every few minutes and check my phone. Check it for news, texts, emails, and updates on social media. Because who know what calamitous thing has occurred in the last few minutes?! Everything takes on this start-stop quality, and the only thing that I actually accomplish is keep track of every social media non-event. Whether I am picking up around the house, or waiting in line at the store, or working at the computer, there is an interrupted quality to everything. I bring home books every weekend and then I look longingly at them. I start reading and a few minutes later I have to check my phone, and on and on. It’s part of my work, I explain to myself. I have to share happenings and stuff on social media about Collectivitea etc. etc. Insert eye roll here. 

Currently Reading /Collectivitea

So today I spent less time keeping up with social media, and more time taking some photographs, writing out some cards to mail out, and reading a book. I am currently reading An Equal Music by Vikram Seth (first published in 1999). Surprisingly I haven’t read any other work by Mr.Seth. This book is about a passionate romance between two musicians, and I think if I’d been a musician or knew more of classical music, I would appreciate the nuances even more. But in spite of not knowing a whole lot about classical music, I am enjoying the story. Without giving away too much, the romance seems to have gone awry, and we meet the hero 10 years later. It’s set mostly in London with forays to Vienna and Venice. In short, it’s perfect for me. What are you currently reading? I am hoping to make this a regular column for Saturdays and to actually stick to it. Because that quiet time when you are lost in your imagination or in someone else’s is becoming rarer and more precious day by day. Have a wonderful day, and I will see you tomorrow. -PriyaCurrently Reading/Collectivitea

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6 thoughts on “Currently Reading… (March 18th, ’17)

  1. I so hear you about what you say about the interrupted quality to time! I find it especially difficult when I am trying to write (somehow, when I am writing fiction though, I lose myself in the story and never find myself reaching for the phone!) I am glad to hear that you are enjoying An Equal Music. I don’t have much idea of classical music at all but the story was so gripping that I was completely drawn towards it (plus it was set in one of my most loved cities, London). Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy has been my favorite book for years and I really hope that you get a chance to read it. I re-read once every year and I find something new to discover each time!

    1. Hi Priyanka, I am halfway through and am finding it a little maudlin but hopefully, it’s a passing thing. I love the London setting too, it is my favorite city in the world. It’s hard to say this but I’d forgotten that slightly drugged and disoriented feeling you have when you come out of a book you are reading. I will give A Suitable Boy a try, thanks!- Priya

  2. It’s a beautiful book, slow start but by the end you are totally hooked. Try The golden gate – it’s in verse so takes time to get in the groove but a fantastic read.

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