International Women's Day/Collectivitea

It is International Women’s Day today, and I want to echo all the calls for supporting, and lifting each other up.  I think of it as a day to remind ourselves how far we have come, and how much more remains to be done. Whether a woman works at home, from home, part time or full time in the outside work force, let’s show them our respect, and give them our support. Let us not sit in judgement of another’s choices. Let us not denigrate or elevate one over other. We are all doing the best we can, with the choices we are given, and the opportunity and circumstances in front of us. We are all deserving of love and support. Let’s be their for each other. Let us also celebrate kindness and positivity as much as we do achievement. This blog has opened the doors for me to connect with a larger community of women than I would otherwise have, and I am thankful to have come to know amazing, creative and positive people. You are an inspiration to me, and I am grateful to have learnt so much from you. Have a wonderful day! – Priya

Image credits Studio Collectivitea

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