Keep Me Posted /Currently Reading/CollectiviteaHello there! It’s a lovely Saturday night as I type this, a night holding the promise of spring and maybe even sunshine tomorrow! Hope your weekend is going well. This is my second week writing this series, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be here. Especially since I finished last week’s book pick An Equal Music by Vikram Seth! It was a little melodramatic for me, but if you love music, and are familiar with Western classical music, you will enjoy it. If not the romance between the protagonists, definitely the lifelong romance between the musician and his or her music. Keep Me Posted /Currently Reading/CollectiviteaTonight I am starting Keep Me Posted by Lisa Beazley about two sisters re-connecting via letters (snail mail!) in this modern, tech world. To be honest, it was the cover that pulled me in. I remember receiving and sending these Airmail envelopes to family members and friends when I was in college. For some loved ones, these, and my memories are all that I have of them. I have saved almost every letter and postcard I have ever received. An email, text, chat or whatchamacallit can never replace the poignant beauty, the physical immediacy and tactile nature of the handwritten letter. It’s the reason I have postcards for salein the marketplace even though it may seem a quaint notion in this day and age. Don’t we all love getting a letter?! Can it ever compare to the impersonal ping of an email? Anyway, this is the book I am reading this week and may I say how lovely it is to be back on the reading bandwagon! Have a wonderful day, and I will see you tomorrow. -Priya

Keep Me Posted /Currently Reading/Collectivitea

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