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New Moon Resolutions

New Moon Resolutions/Collectivitea

Have you heard of New Moon resolutions? I hadn’t until today, but now that I have I am very intrigued by them. I have struggled with some of my New Year resolutions this year. Working on a creative exercise (for example, to photograph something) everyday is one of them and since I love doing it, it’s not something I procrastinate about. But life can get in the way- work, kids, errands, responsibilities etc. – and trying to fit one more thing into the day is hard. Don’t get me wrong, I know I am making progress, and I am not holding myself up to some idealized perfection. But rather than a yearly analysis, I do like the idea of checking in with myself every month, and reviewing life, my patterns of behavior, and the results of them. Can I move things in such a way that I create a definite time window that is available for my photography-for-fun exercise? Better organization? Give up some things that are not helpful? As a side note, it also helps to move from a I-am-so-busy-I-can’t-do-the-things-I-love victim mentality, and towards a more can-do attitude.  How better to do it than to synchronize yourself with one of nature’s cycles? If you are interested in this too, I want to suggest reading  this article and remember the new moon is on Mar 27th-28th (tonight/tomorrow night, depending on where in the world you are).


New Moon Resolutions/Collectivitea

I shared one of these pictures on my Instagram feed and if you follow me there, you may have seen it. I spend Sunday afternoon photographing these apple and cherry blossoms in sweet violin-shaped bottles (if you want some, here they are Austrian Nannerl fruit liqueur bottles) that I saved from nearly 25 years ago. I was reminded that I had stored them somewhere after reading Vikram Seth’s book An Equal Music 🎻 last week that revolves around love, classical music, string quartets & old violins, and is set against London, Vienna and Venice. The flowers and the tiny bottles on an old silver tray were a lovely muse.

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