Devi DIY Coloring Kit/Studio Yali/Collectivitea

Hello! So fun to share with you this DIY Lakshmi Devi – Wooden Indian Goddess Golu Kokeshi Doll Paint Coloring Kit from Studio Yali here at Collectivitea! I shared Studio Yali’s handcrafted dolls many years ago on the blog, and their creations were insanely popular! There were all kinds of dolls, from everyday men and women, to gods and goddesses. The big curious eyes, the smiling faces, and their detailed elegance was a hit! Which makes me doubly happy to share that Studio Yali is now offering doll DIY coloring kits so that you can have all the fun of creating just the doll you want. Head on over to their store right here! But that’s not all. For all you Indophiles, there are coloring prints for different Indian states, a Wanderlust coloring book, and  more to come.

Devi DIY Coloring Kit/Studio Yali/Collectivitea

What would you use this doll for? Let me count the ways.. As a great way for you to experiment with your creativity and create dolls that are uniquely yours, to collaborate and introduce both adults and kids to Indian culture, to start or add to your Navaratri doll display… I can go on but you probably want to start shopping! 😘 – Priya

Image credits/copyright: Studio Yali

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