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 Home Tours/ Disha In Pune/ CollectiviteaHello Monday! As part of our home tours series, I am sharing the beautiful home of Disha Mishra Dubey and her family. She lives in Pune in India. Her home reflects her individuality, talents and her many interests. Our homes are so much more than just spaces that we decorate. They become a canvas that we paint over and over again as we grow into ourselves. In that they nourish and nurture us, and allow us to discover who we truly are. Disha gives you the tour of her lovingly created Pune home. Don’t miss her abundant DIY skills (that painted entry wall!!)  that are evident all over the home! Enjoy! – Priya

“Thanks a lot, Priya, for inviting me on your wonderful blog. I am elated and excited to share the images of a place that I call my home, my canvas, with your lovely audience. A big hello to all the décor enthusiasts out there. I am Disha Mishra Dubey, a passionate blogger, a decor aficionado, and a budding entrepreneur. Design Décor & Disha is what my blog called.  I work from home as a freelance writer, blogger, and an artist. I am a multidisciplinary person with a strong interest in science and technology, art, decor, photography and gardening. Travelling and exploring new places, traditions and cultures excite me like no other thing in this world.

I live in Pune with my husband who is the wind beneath my wings and my eight year old son who is packed with the energy of firecrackers. We live in a spacious, airy, comfortable and well-lit apartment. My home isn’t just a home for me it’s something beyond that. It provides me with an outlet for creative expression. I like my home to be a true reflection of my personality. In my opinion, your abode should not be a carbon copy of homes featured in magazines instead it should speak about you. Come on in and have a look at my humble abode.

My entryway is a space that sets the tone for the rest of the house. To create warm, cosy and inviting foyer I put up my favourite sunburst mirror on the wall I decided to paint the wall in bright colour and painted a lotus motif to jazz up the entryway.

 Home Tours/ Disha In Pune/ Collectivitea

I don’t stick to a particular style of decorating. I love to mix and match, and hence I call it my own style of decorating. I put my heart and soul to decorate my home and totally love the fact that it looks lived in and not like the designer homes that look contrived. Recently I created an Indian art gallery wall in my living room and for that I made eight different Indian art forms that reflect the true essence of India. The response was overwhelming and phenomenal when I revealed this wall few days ago on my blog. I am going to treasure these paintings all through my life.

Indian Art gallery Wall/ Home Tours/ Disha In Pune/ Collectivitea

My favourite space in my home is my workspace (below). It’s a place where new ideas are born and my creative juices flow. I spend hours painting, writing, creating stuff and reading here. I have decorated this space with some of my favourite and close to my heart accessories. My home studio is full of positivity and warmth. For me, it is a little piece of heaven. I always emphasize that no artefact in the world can equate the charm and satisfaction that a handmade item brings and hence I love to create stuff especially to adorn my abode. Most of the decor accessories in my home are handmade and hand painted and I love all my DIY projects.

Home Tours/ Disha In Pune/ Collectivitea

Bedrooms in my home are also infused with colors and warmth. Paintings, indoor plants, textures and Buddha statues are some elements that complete the look.

 Home Tours/ Disha In Pune/ Collectivitea

Home Tours/ Disha In Pune/ Collectivitea

Home Tours/ Disha In Pune/ Collectivitea
I love gardening and luckily, I have gotten a spacious balcony where I love to spend time every morning and evening with my green babies and hand painted pots.
Thanks once again Priya for having me here!!” – Disha Mishra Dubey

 Home Tours/ Disha In Pune/ Collectivitea

You can visit Disha at her blog Design, Decor And Disha here. Thank you!

Image credits/courtesy of Disha Mishra Dubey.



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