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Hello Monday. Hope you are doing well. As the digital world continues to overwhelm our lives, I have found that I need more time away from screens. As I wrote in a post some days ago, down time without a screen in front of me has become something of a necessity. The whole of last year I worked insanely long hours, sat at the computer for far too long, and I wasn’t even happy at the end of it! I was tired most of the time while feeling I’d so much more to do. This year has been full of conscious steps to make sure I work hard, but also in a way that is healthy in the long term. So, I have taken to journaling and reading for at least an hour before I go to sleep. I write down my dreams for my life, I draw, and I even compose a few lines to express how I have felt that day. ideally, I would do this in the morning, but let’s face it, with work, kids and other commitments, it’s hard to take time out to write a journal in the morning. Mornings don’t work for me right now but nights do, and to make a start somewhere, I take an hour (even though the lure of TV is ever present!) and I sit down in my little studio at home, and I start writing. This is what I wrote last night..

Journal Monday/Collectivitea

Many times we internalize what other people say without realizing how much of what they say is shaped by their experiences and feelings, and while it may hold truth, it isn’t the entire truth. What do you think? -Priya

Image credits: Studio Collectivitea

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