Lotus girl/ Mona Biswarupa/Collectiivitea

                                                                         Lotus Girl/ Copyright Biswarupa Mohanty

I want to introduce you to Mona Biswarupa, a Dubai-based Indian artist whose artwork I came across on Instagram. Almost all her art features women, and I was drawn to them for several reasons – the women convey beauty, grace, serenity, and mystery. But there are also hints of vulnerability, and the power and openness that bestows. It’s as if the artist looks beyond the beautiful surface, and captures the more potent beauty within. (And the photographer in me loves the symmetry of every composition.) Read on for Mona’s story of her art, what inspires her and what have been some of the lessons learnt on her creative journey. – Priya

 Mona Biswarupa/Collectiivitea                                                                                Artist Mona Biswarupa

CTEA: What got you started as an artist?

MB:The earliest memories of my childhood are the memories of me painting with my father’s ink and my mother’s alta. My Dad, Sangram Keshari Mohanty, is a renowned lyricist in Odisha, India, and has been a great source of inspiration to me. His creativity has always motivated me. From a very early age I started doodling, sketching and painting. My parents and sisters encouraged me to pursue my passion, and  at the age of 12, I started my formal training in art, under the guidance of my Guru Shyam Prasad Pattanaik, an eminent artist in Odisha . His meticulous training and teachings encouraged me to chase my dreams.  I took up fashion design as my choice of career. A graduation in fashion from NIFT, New Delhi, and  a Masters from Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan helped me hone my creative skills . My work experience with some of the great  names in the fashion industry  broadened my vision and understanding of creativity further. The artist in me has always been hungry for more. I could not avoid the urge any further, and with my husband’s support and encouragement, left my design job  a year ago to paint full time. My journey as an artist has just begun. I have a lot to see, do, and learn.

Pink jaquard/ Mona Biswarupa/Collectiivitea

                                                                   Pink Jacquard/ Copyright Biswarupa Mohanty

CTEA: How long have you been painting?

MB: From a very early age I started doodling, sketching and painting. Since my  profession as a fashion designer involved a lot of sketching, fortunately, I have never been away from my craft. Only from last year I started off as a full time artist.

CTEA: What are your inspirations?

MB: Nature, both outside as well as within is what inspires me. An amalgamation of these two forces reflect in my work. Sublime and subtle, and  at times, a vivid duel of texture, color and energy . My work is a celebration of femininity and it reflects my profound  love for my roots, culture, tradition and heritage .

CTEA: What have been some of the lessons learnt? 

MB: I consider life as a platform to learn. I learn from nature, people, workshops, family, friends, from  the great masters as well as fellow artist friends. I learn from my 7 year old kid, and most importantly, I learn a lot from my  own mistakes. I am an artist who is partly trained and partly self taught. I keep working on my skills everyday . The most important lesson I have learnt is that ‘failures and struggles make your success story more interesting. So never be scared of them. March ahead, make mistakes, learn and repeat the same over and over again till the last breath.’  Real happiness does not boom .. it gently blooms.. My journey as an artist is my quest to achieve that state of true happiness.

Champa girl/ Mona Biswarupa/Collectiivitea

                                                                   Champa Girl/ Copyright Biswarupa Mohanty

You can find Mona Biswarupa on Instagram here.



All artwork and photographs are courtesy of/ copyrighted to Mona Biswarupa.

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