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Hello Tuesday! So many things to be grateful for today! From being grateful for the air conditioning because it was a really hot day, to the large ocean of gratitude I felt for the time I got to spend behind the camera today. As you may know, I just started this gratitude  journal yesterday but I am starting to actively notice more instances that inspire gratitude. The teller at the bank who was enthusiastic, tackled all questions eagerly, and went the extra mile when she was helping me today. Gratitude also that the kids did a dinner takeout and picked up the food themselves, and that I managed to show up here (haha) to keep my promise of a post every day + make a new entry into the gratitude journal! The list is growing and maybe it’s too soon to see a real change and growth towards a gratitude mindset, but writing today is definitely easier than it was yesterday. If you are interested in trying a gratitude journal, try this link and take the challenge! – Priya

Gratitude Journal/Collectivitea


Image credits/copyright: Studio Collectivitea

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