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Gratitude Journal, May 5th ’17


Gratitude Journal/Collectivitea

Day 5 of the gratitude journal! My list of people, situations, and things I am grateful for today is slightly longer, maybe because it’s Friday! I usually enjoy weekdays too, but Friday night holds so much promise of relaxation!  But first my list of grateful moments from today…

  1. To the lady at the local Target who told me to go ahead of her and did so with such a big smile. I told her No, she should go ahead, then she insisted with an even bigger smile…
  2. I found shiny, retro Aviator sunglasses that make me look straight out of the 80’s. Watch out world!
  3. Grateful for my neighbor’s dog whom I love from afar (the dog, not the neighbor). They got her home fairly recently.  I am not sure of the breed but it looks like a small, fluffy rug spread out on the grass. Until a squirrel runs by. Then the rug transforms into a super cute, fierce beast who will show every squirrel who is really in charge. Whenever I catch a glimpse of all this action happening in my neighbor’s yard, it always makes me laugh out loud.Today was a particularly active day.
  4. Glad that I could keep my promise and show up here everyday this week.
  5. Grateful that I am only at season 2 of The Americans and many seasons remain in front of me to binge watch. Which brings me right back to my Friday night plans!

The pictures are of a necklace and cotton sari that I photographed earlier in the week. Alright, what are you grateful for? I would love to hear from you! To read the journal entries so far, click here.- Priya

Gratitude Journal/Collectivitea


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