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The Magic Of Books / Gratitude Journal, May 23rd ’17


Books / Collectivitea
Hello! A very short note to let you know that today I am grateful for my smart phone and it’s ability to store so many books, from romance novels, to murder mysteries and biographies. I whip it out everywhere- in the dentist’s waiting room, in the parking lot waiting for the kids to get out of school, when someone is late for a meeting or appointment, enjoying a solitary meal at a restaurant, and even while waiting in the queue at the grocery store. I like having so many books so readily accessible and I have managed to read quite a lot lately. Some books I can never read more than once, but then there are others that I can re-read a dozen times (e.g. Jane Austen’s Persuasion, anything written by Eckhart Tolle). Grateful for the smart phone and for the world it contains within! Having said that, is there anything more beautiful than a pile of actual physical books? Have a good one! To read the gratitude journal entries so far, click here. -PriyaBooks / Collectivitea

Books / Collectivitea



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