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Gratitude, Over a cup of tea.. (Online Journal) / Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Meditation / Gratitude JournalGrateful to have done my meditation practice for 2 days in a row! I know that sounds like a super low number to be thankful for, but seriously it is hard, on a weekday, to keep 20 minutes aside to meditate + exercise + eat healthy (which means cook healthy) + work + parent the kids + keep a (remote) eye on parents (they live in India) + snatch a few minutes to read or watch TV before going to bed + maintain a gratitude journal. So. I am grateful that I have successfully managed 2 consecutive days of all the above. I am also grateful that my life is simpler than these two. In other news, a friend from my med school days has just opened a weaving and block printing workshop and I am grateful to know and share stories of super creative people like her. I think what draws me every time is that romance of hope and dreams that underlies most creative ventures. The 40’s are really the best decade – you feel braver about trying new things, you are aware of the passage of time, and how little there is of it. You also have learnt to stay the course. So tonight I am grateful for the 40’s too! It’s your turn now! What are you grateful for? I would love to hear from you! To read the journal entries so far, click here. -PriyaMeditation / Gratitude Journal



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