Gratitude, Over a cup of tea.. (Online Journal)

Tapestry Of Experience/ Gratitude Journal

Tapestry of Experiences/ Gratitude Journal./ Collectivitea

We all look forward to vacations, but seriously, getting ready for them can be so much work! I’m going to be traveling for the next few weeks and I am grateful for the opportunity. I am also grateful to have called, over the years, so many different places home. It’s like we are a patchwork quilt or a Banjara tapestry, made up of many different fabrics stitched to make a vibrant whole. A tapestry of places, people and experiences, in some places threadbare, and in others, shiny and sequined! Tapestry of Experiences/ Gratitude Journal./ CollectiviteaTonight, in addition to being grateful for all of life’s blessings, I am especially thankful for caring neighbors, the genius who created the strawberry KitKat, and for Airdrop. What are you grateful for? I want to thank all those who wrote to say that they too had started a gratitude journal! You inspire me!  Have a fabulous day! -Priya

This post is part of a gratitude journal that I maintain and update almost daily. To read the gratitude journal entries so far, click here.


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