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Tea And Books / Gratitude Journal, May 3rd ’17

Tea And Books/ Collectivitea

Day 3, gratitude journal! The great thing is gratitude was on my mind when I woke up today morning. Maybe it was on my mind because I have to write about it here. Whatever the reason, it still felt very calming to get up like that. Instead of starting the day already mentally reviewing all the stuff I need to get done, I got up with a little space between myself and everything else. There were also crystal clear moments of happiness like when…
1. When I slipped outside after a few hours of work and the heat of the sunshine outside felt like a benediction. I am not a summer person as I am prone to migraines that are triggered by bright lights and the heat.  But today after months of rain and feeling the dampness in our very bones, the sun’s heat felt like a hug from a long lost and much loved relative.
2. On my way back I stopped at the library and found some new books to read. I felt so grateful that I could bring any number of books home and that the cheerful librarian who transforms the mundane act of borrowing books into a grand theatrical event was in today. And that I could come home to tea and books.Tea And Books/ Collectivitea

I  am really enjoying this ritual of sharing my experiences here and I would love to hear from you. What were you grateful for today? Do share in the comments below and if you are wondering if there is any merit to this whole exercise, here is some preliminary research on the benefits of gratitude. If you’d like to read the previous entries in the journal, click here. Have a lovely day! – Priya


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