Weekly Goals/ May 1st/ Collectivitea
Hello Monday! Off to a late start because many times I am waiting for the words to flow, and an entire day can get away just waiting. Does that happen to you? Maybe not with words, but with something else- you are waiting for the perfect moment to do something, or for the thing you are doing to be perfect. Sounds familiar? If yes, then hello, you have company and let’s just do it already! I hope you had a great weekend! I spent most of it relaxing, and doing some thinking about next steps in running my business. Effective goal setting is something I am still learning, and I thought I would share with you my weekly goals, and you can share yours with me. And we will hold each other accountable! Are you in? My goals for this week (May 1st -May 7th) are a mix of Collectivitea and personal stuff- 1.) To have a post up 6 days of the week, and take Saturday off. No excuses. Even if it’s just pop in to say Hello, I am going to be here. 2.)To start a daily gratitude practice; I journal in my notebook almost everyday but starting today, I am going to have a post here every night dedicated to cultivating and expressing my gratitude.  3) To finish reading Jen Sincero’s latest book; 4) To get all the new products listed in our marketplace; 5) This may seem mundane, but I have some SEO and website related stuff that’s been pending and I’d like to get 1/4 of that done by this weekend. What are your goals for this week?  I would love to hear from you! So do share, and check back for my first entry in my gratitude journal. – Priya

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