Over a cup of tea.. (Online Journal), Textiles / Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Kalamkari / Collectivitea

Kalamkari is enjoying a big comeback in all the stores, fairs, exhibitions that I’ve been to on this trip to India. It’s always been popular but seems to be more so right now. Big, bold graphics colored with vegetable dyes and available in cotton and khadi silk. Elaborate scenes from mythological stories, depictions of the Buddha, and representations of nature (floral vines, prowling jungle animals) are available on dress materials, saris, and more. Some of the prints are really too big for me to wear, but as inspiration and as art, they are just spectacular!  I will possibly spend all my money on these gorgeous textiles. I am getting a few stitched as clothing (grateful for the luxury of a good tailor!) but the rest are just going into my textile collection. I remember writing some years ago about buying a large, intricately carved wooden armoire to store my textile collection. (I even had a Pinterest board for it.)  Somehow I never gotten round to getting one. Maybe it’s time now. You know when you’ve a crush on someone and you try to catch their eye every time, or sigh deeply every time they pass by? Well, that’s how I would feel about the armoire filled with all these textiles- the temptation to stare at it all day, the rush of joy! Today I am grateful for the textiles tradition in India, and to be able to add more of these lovelies to my collection. I bought a few yards of cloth and also these borders that the printers had cut off because someone hadn’t wanted them in their order. Of course, I had to have them!

This post is part of a gratitude journal that I maintain and update almost daily. To read the gratitude journal entries so far, click here.  Have a wonderful day! – Priya


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