What To Do When You Are Uninspired

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When You Are Uninspired / Gratitude Journal / CollectiviteaHello and welcome! If this is your first time here, let me give you a little background. Collectivitea is about finding, and celebrating creativity, mine and yours. I share my journey and hope that it resonates with you, and that we can learn from each other. Today I want to talk about feeling uninspired and suggestions on how to deal with it. It’s been 10 days since I got back from vacation but instead of feeling refreshed, I have just been feeling uninspired. Maybe it’s because there was the 4th of July holiday just yesterday which meant another mini break. Maybe it’s the jet lag that I am still having trouble with. Or maybe it’s the dry yellowness of summer, which I am sure every photographer ought to dislike. Or the fact that I am in my 40’s, and somehow more prone to moody malaise (I have no proof of this, just hearsay.). Maybe it’s all the above. I wish that once we’ve figured out what we want to do with our life, we are excused from bouts of uninspired-ness, and days when we have to delve deep to find that which excites us. But that’s not how it works. So what do you  do when you are uninspired? There must be at least two schools of thought on this- one, persevere until you can break through the dullness, or two, leave things alone until the muse revisits you. I have a more DIY, step by step approach for when I am feeling uninspired. The first step is to eliminate clutter in my surroundings. I organize everything- bills, receipts, artwork,- and somehow, clearing and organizing the physical clutter helps me focus on my work. It’s almost as if I have created space for my creativity. Eliminating/downsizing digital clutter (clear Inbox, respond to emails etc.) helps further by giving me a sense of getting through my to-do list. Sometimes, this is all I need to regain focus- whether it’s a photography assignment, writing or other technical work. If this doesn’t do the trick, the next is to get away into more natural surroundings – a walk in the woods, find a quiet trail or even better, get somewhere near the ocean. I have read how water ( from rivers, and oceans, to being in the shower) has an inspiring effect on creativity, and have experienced it too. Most of my creative ideas have been sparked in the shower.  What do you do if none of this works? Persevere. If you are a writer, and are uninspired and find you can’t write, persevere and write a sentence or two anyway. Maybe they won’t be the best sentences you have ever written, but they may clear the way for fantastic sentences to appear. And the same if you are an artist, photographer, or engaged in any kind of endeavor. Break it up into small parts, keep at it, and create a path to inspiration. Because while we may think that we have to wait for inspiration to strike us, sometimes we have to create a path and go to it. Tonight, I am grateful for having found a path out of my creative funk and for finding joy in colors, prints and patterns again.

This post is part of a gratitude journal that I maintain and update almost daily. To read the gratitude journal entries so far, click here. – Priya

When You Are Uninspired / Gratitude Journal / Collectivitea



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