Gratitude Journal, Sept 13th 2017

Collectivitea, Gratitude / Wednesday, September 13th, 2017


Gratitude Journal/ Collectivitea

Grateful that today is over! Not because it was not good but it was so busy. Grateful for a long evening walk, cooler weather, takeout food, and for a comfortable bed at the end of the day. I volunteer every week at a local organization and I am grateful for the opportunity. I write this post just before bedtime and it has a way of making me look at my day and discover all the hidden and not so hidden awesomeness of every day. So here goes!I am grateful for YouTube how-to videos because they have an answer for everything (for example, how to open coconuts without any tools!)- what an awesome world we live in! Grateful for the local radio station whose radio hosts have to be most cheerful ever, especially the ones at 7AM, though you know they must have left their homes in the middle of the night (almost) to get to work. Grateful that I live in a dog-loving neighborhood – we don’t have a dog but so many of our neighbors do. Walking is more fun because we have to stop often and say Hello to canine friends! What are you grateful for today?   – Best, Priya




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